Photo of Ethan

Ethan Pictures

Ethan Michael joined us in early September 2014. He has been in front of the camera ever since.

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Evrim's Pics

Ethan and Us Photos

We hired our friend Evrim to take pictures of us in the Rhododendron Garden in early May. Here are the results.

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St. John's Bridge

Wedding Photos

A lifetime of eternal bliss which started with nuptials underneath a bridge. The ceremony and celebration was a couple of years ago, but we had so much fun, we had to keep up the pictures. We had a great time and we were thankful for all of our friends taking off on a Monday.

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Ethan Shows His Moves

Music starts playing and Ethan starts grooving. He is ready for his first blues party.

Kim, Jason, Ken, me, Susan, Matty

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

The Portland boardgaming community is the crème de la crème of gaming communities. Enough said.

Francis Su's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Francis Su's mother died from ALS, and his video of the ice bucket challenge was pretty impressive. Not to mention that the film editor, Cal Kylos, is dear to Kathryn's heart.

Portland Wedding

Midnight Serenaders, Portland swing complete with ukulele

Our first dance was to this band at Mississippi Studio so it was fitting that they were the band at our reception. Definitely worth it to hear Dee, Doug, and the rest of the group when they are playing.

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